Happy New Year!  The final results are in!  Thanks for your patience and for another great season.  

Week 17 Results

The leader "Novink" played it smart and locked up the 2nd spot, while "Shohei Ohtani" grabbed the win with a very fortunate 1-pt cover by the Vikings.  Congratulations!

Tougher luck for "CincyJungle18" and "Make Da Bears Great Again" after a great season of picking.  I admire the gutsy all-ins though, I know how that feels!

Great picking "Miles"!  "Marky da Housecat" is proud of you.

Good to see the "Prodigal Bears Fan" break into the top 10, following a pretty sound strategy of fading da Bears for most of the season.

WOOHOO to "woohoo"!! Right in "darthmuggle"'s face haha

2017 Winners

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For reference, here are last season's final results and the winners.

If you're a newbie or would like a refresher, here are the Rules.  It's extremely simple and does not require a deep understanding of the NFL (in fact the lack of knowledge may even be an advantage!).

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