Let's see how the three top dogs shake out this week!  Here's free advice from all of us down below:  Be aggressive, just like you have been.  You have to separate yourself from the other two.  Except maybe this time, I dunno...don't pick a winner for once?

I on the other hand have bad flashbacks of losing everything in week 13, so I will likely be laying low.

Week 12 results
Lost another 9 players, including my poor pops, "chef", who is unfortunately on a 5 year drought of cracking the top ten :( 
Thanks for playing everyone!

Week 13 spreads are up

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If you're a newbie or would like a refresher, here are the Rules.  It's extremely simple and does not require a deep understanding of the NFL (in fact the lack of knowledge may even be an advantage!).

Here are the 2015 Winners  and the Week 17 final results  

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