That's all, folks!  The first big-win week 17 in recent memory.  Fittingly, it was "Pats by 50" who rode his team all the way to the promised land, never faltering even when Vegas posted 16+ point spreads against them.  The Pats should be able to do the same in the playoffs...unless of course Eli and the Giants win the NFC. 

Week 17 Final Results

"Greenpeople" looked like she had this pool in the bag for a while there, then hit a little cold spot that almost took it all away. Great job coming back to the top 3.

Congrats to "Commish's Girl" for almost always ignoring my football analysis and going with her gut instead.

Well done "BULLWINKLE" for shaking off a horrendous start and making it into the top 10.

Congrats to "Mr. Beef" for a second consecutive place.  The new name really does work.

Sorry to the 4 people who took Atlanta -- that was one rough backdoor cover, ouch.  But it's usually never a good idea to spot Drew Brees 7 points in a dome. 

Great year "tootsie", I'm sorry you just missed that last pick!

2016 Winners 

Congrats to all the winners.  Thanks for playing everyone.  Enjoy the playoffs!!

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If you're a newbie or would like a refresher, here are the Rules.  It's extremely simple and does not require a deep understanding of the NFL (in fact the lack of knowledge may even be an advantage!).

Here are the 2015 Winners  and the Week 17 final results  

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